Vladas Laukys
In my practice I tend to research reality through a prism of personal and collective spiritual experience. Symbolism and metaphors are incorporated in my work with purpose to create communication between work and spectator. Execution of work is combined of abstract expressionism and craft of stenciling which I use for creating my work on streets. 
'Home Coming' explores seasons, migration, dedication, home, birth and destruction. Important to understand that cycle of existence is constructed from various repetitive biological functions of the organisms and quantum processes which we as humans cannot understand it yet. So, our conscious decisions we make has been a consequence of our biological functions either quantum forces and processes which we cannot always notice or explain it yet.  Unexplainable… This what inspired me as an artist to research the deepest corners of my soul and try to explain it through my conscious mind in the form of art. Particularly this piece glazes into personal experiences expressed through imagery of a migrating bird Stork which also to be a native bird of my country of origin. Before the canvas, this image first appeared on the streets of Aberdeen in 2020 February. Along with it came my short poem. 
“Winter comes – STORK will leave. Springtime he’ll return to BREED.”​​​​​​​
Home Coming
Home Coming
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