We are a collective who make work about gender and ageing.   We sharing three images of a performance of an iteration of our piece called CLUB. 
CLUB involves sequins, movement and the disconnect of older people clubbing, owning/taking up space. We are referencing the histories/traditions of the CLUB not as a physical place but as the intention to create a safe space to be one’s self, inherently a lightning rod for politics, where identities and representation are self-defined. We believe that the CLUB is identified by the bodies that inhabit a given space. Therefore, our CLUB is defined by our compelling presence, our solidarity, our companionship, the beads of sweat on our aging skin, and our insistence that we choose for ourselves how we perform being older.  
In these images, the ‘CLUB’ we created with our bodies was a statement about the oppressive administration of the current Conservative Government in the UK which has advocated for the opposite of solidarity with Europe and the rest of the world. 
Photos: Faisal Jafar
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