Aleks Ka Kusowska
“The Warriors Hearts” (2019) and “Influence” (2020) are part of oncoming triptych, where the next artwork is developing this gear. Both of the artworks reflects on the communities and individuals are our relationships. “Warriors Hearts” has been part of interactive installation emphasizing on the empathy and human energies. 'Influence' has been created during epidemics.
Naturally drawn to colours and lines from an early age, inspired by words, extensive shapes, and very petite ones, mg imagination extract those and create compositions exploring the social and the cultural influences, some are responding to the current events. I play with elements, mood, sound, and a space, often with found objects. Some elements travel and transform throughout the projects.
Psychology, diversity and history much often draws my reflections in the art practice.
'Warriors Hearts' watercolour, ink on canvas, 2019
'Influence' acrylic on canvas, 2020
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