Martina Cook
My name is Martina Camatta (art name Cook). I’m originally from Italy and moved to Aberdeen in 2006 to work in the Oil and Gas. When I was made redundant in 2015 while in maternity leave, I thought it was a good opportunity for pursuing my dream of becoming a filmmaker. 
“Walking Migrant Mother" is a 2 minutes short experimental film that puts together the aggressive narrative presented by British Media and Government (the Voices) against the portrait of real immigrants (historical footage of WW2 refugees, but also pictures of Irish and Scottish immigrants), more often than not, just mothers looking for a place to stop and rest. Stories of famine, poverty and search for a safe place to call home, where to thrive in peace. But also of fighting for survival, and the inhuman treatment immigrants have to endure. Words like bombs, that kill and hurt. Keep walking, Mother. The Promised Land is near.’ 
Mercy Baguma was an Uganda immigrant who settled in the UK after studying. She had a regular job, and like many women, she had a baby out of marriage. By that time, immigration rules had changed. Unable to pay for unreasonable fees, she was re-classified as an asylum seeker. She was found dead in a flat in Glasgow in extreme poverty, her baby near her crying for food. Joe Cox was a British politician who was shot and stabbed by a Brexit extremist, leaving behind a husband and two children. 
Two mothers fighting for a better life for their children, killed by an inhuman system.
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