Federico Fauli
Coscienza Intuitiva aims to emphasize the lack of content, of language, of meaning, not simply based on the super-collection and sharing of images: rather as a part of a social relationship between people that is mediated by images. Repeated, shared, liked. Where Truth becomes a moment of falsehood. Representation has become a simulation of the meaning of the present through superfluous repetition of any image, figure, iconography, and the reason has become a simulation through fake experiences. The project speculates on the concept of language, expressed as an idea affected in time and configuration. Driven by a compilation process that visualizes the complexity of the current digital age, its fragmentation and acceleration, the accumulation and ubiquity of objects and images. Trying to elaborate a new visual language based on the amalgamation and supercollection. 
A language as an evolving vessel, in which society outproducts, identified as objects of daily consumption, artifacts of the banality, collides with ruins and fragments embodying historical and cultural value. A visual Clash, depicting moments and events, through society outproducts such as toys, meme and figures. Highlighting the value of the leftover and at the same time sculpting a reminiscence of specific junctures in time. The proposal identified in the form of an architectural fragment, a column, that speculates on a new visual language, composed by the amalgamation and mutation of cultural elements, as iconographies and elements of popular culture. Defined as a bold critique towards the current social and image-related society, while trying to sculpt a tangible reference, a Physical Memento, an Archive of the current and past events. The proposal challenges the relationship between beauty and culture, in which Palermo, its contaminated baroque and its languages, is the Symposium and main reference. Where architectural languages are not fixed, not preconceived, but are the consequence of temporal and cultural adjustments. A stacking of plans and typologies as a stratification of culture which defines its own beauty, the hybridization of continuous exchange and contamination, which reflects in its unique architecture. The proposal referencing to the baroque and the city-specific design of Palermo and its’ architecture, enhances the debate by challenging the temporariness of Architecture and its language, the acknowledgment of its constant mutation as a reflection and representation of the city itself, its complexity, richness and incompleteness. Hitched by a bold philosophical, physical and poetic critique towards the current society and the everyday indigestion of images and pop-iconographies, it generates and digest forms of Beauty, moving from antiquity to popular culture, speculating on the topic of heritage for the future generations. 
The final result aims to emphasize the friction and contradiction between the 2 materialities (“natural” stone as an allusion to ancient ruins, and shiny-polished resin as the depiction of the the “fake” contaminated popular culture) thus trying to strengthening the crossroads between heritage/modern & craft/digital.​​​​​​​
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