Memanishvili Nino
In the presented materials I tried to explore the inner conflict of a person with its own self, and looked at the issue from my own perspective; inner conflicts definitely involuntarily involve the environment, the ecosystem, relationships, sociology, political movements in the countries and so on. What can I say is that -  I am always sliding on thin ice, never knowing when it is going to break, feeling paradoxically small in the vast stretches of empty, Open Sea. 
And so I go, the best I can, neither good, nor bad. If I had the chance, I would clip my wings and fly to eternity with imaginary wings, where there is no time and sadness. No, I still would not ask anyone to like me; I could never have the courage for that.  I just hope I will be able to get better, but I am not sure about anything, maybe because I literally know nothing, and because there is no place like that, because there is only a long way to walk. 
I am stuck between the borders and the land of the Black sea and the Caucasian mountains; I am stuck in the land of the forgotten centre of old Colchis, but it is just space and land. Freedom of the mind is the only thing that can make one feel free and unstuck.   
“It's ok not to be ok” digital photo collage, 80 cm x 63 cm ”My choice” film and digital photo collage, 80 cm x 57 cm “Stay Silent or Speak” digital photo collage, 80 cm x 30 cm 
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