Çapar Cumali 
Cumali Çapar is Hatay-based artist living in Turkey. It has an unlimited understanding in terms of material and subject variety. The artist draws attention with her thoughts, actions and productions that explain gender inequality and discrimination and the inaudible voice of women. 
Technically interdisciplinary (picture, sound, digital media, video), which came together with many elements, has been produced by expressing the inequality, negative disasters and hunger faced by women in the East and especially in Syria, as well as the depth of the chaos experienced at our border. It consists of an imaginary fiction. In this fiction, the 'door' is designed for the door in a ruined ruin. Many experiences can be seen in this building. This door covers only one of the experiences. The viewer witnesses this experience by looking through the hole of the door or by listening to the noise in the door. ​​​​​​​

''Door ' Find Object, Gypsum Pan Space, Video Watch Device, Speaker, 180x84x97 cm

‘’I Am Not Equal Or Equal’’ 
The subjects he focuses on in his art; Gender Equality, Feminism, Migration, Ecology, Space-Time etc. 
In this project, you can clearly see the theme of "Hope". 
Beginnings always show hope. This is evident in my abstract work where I describe the birth of a baby in the womb. A baby's waiting for the day he will open his eyes to the world for the first time and the endless plot that he will experience after he is born. 
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